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On the road to a greener future

Steyr Automotive has made a strategic move towards green transportation and we have joined them in the challenge

The begining


Steyr Automotive has had a strong portfolio of trucks and buses for more than 100 years, starting in the early 1900s. Their vehicles had very distinctive design features that we have captured and integrated into the new contemporary design. As a result, Steyr Automotive's new electric bus is a statement of the company's vision for the future, without forgetting its history.

A new DNA for the city bus

The bus sector has very different needs and requirements than other transportation sectors, and the design of these vehicles must respond to these specific needs. Some companies spend resources trying to make their vehicles appear fast and aggressive, when in reality city buses are not fast and should not be aggressive. Additionally, in a cost-driven industry, the overall quality of design has not improved. Instead, at Segula Industrial Design we focused on what really matters. Our goal was to rejuvenate the CITY BUS concept, to give the user the modern service they expect, and to inspire people to use this eco-friendly service.
High quality execution

The best city bus

Smooth surfaces with stylized straight lines, large transparencies and black screens are inspired by today's technological gadgets. This is subtly combined with Steyr Automotive's aesthetic heritage to create a bold, contemporary design. We are particularly proud of the harmonious three-dimensional integration of the various elements with the highest level of precision, with lines that run smoothly along the entire length of the vehicle.

Ergonomic driver's work space

For professional bus drivers, the cabin is their office. They spend several hours in this space, under a lot of stress from the environment. For this reason, the driver's workplace must be as comfortable and safe as possible, not only for the driver but also for the safety of the passengers.

Working with pre-exisiting parts

The bus sector is very competitive in terms of production costs. This brings some limitations to design freedom, for example the number of components and details that can be customized. But we love challenges. In this case, we solved the problem by finding clever ways to merge existing components from suppliers into our design. The result is something that looks as if it was made especially for us.